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10:00-12:30   The Harry Parkfield Show   Harry

13:00-15:00   Bethany's Hot Hits   Bethany

16:00-17:00   The odd one out   Matt, Josh, Bailey and Amar

19:00-21:00   Psychedelic Tendencies   Matt


07:00-09:00   Beth's Big Breakfast   Beth

12:00-14:00   The Alt Show with Char and Elly   Char and Elly

14:00-16:00   Cheesy Tuesdays   Lauren and Ryan

16:00-18:00   The Alice & Mike Show   Alice and Mike

18:00-20:00   Lukewarm at Best   Toby and Sophie

20:00-22:00   The Aleks & Sam Show   Aleks and Sam


09:00-12:00   The Tash & Susann Show   Tashan and Susann

12:00-14:00   Retro Music through the Decades   Amelia

15:00-18:00   The 'That Guy' Hour, Joshua Symons   Joshua, Jackson and Luke

19:00-22:00   Dance Anthems with Jason and Woody   Jason and Woody


09:00-11:00   Hattie and Intisaar's corner   Hattie and Intisaar

11:00-14:00   The Rock and Indie Show   Eli

16:00-18:00   The Tully & Flo Show   Catherine and Florence

19:00-21:00   The Matt Smith Show   Matt


10:00-12:00   Friday Brunch with Mike and Laura   Mike and Laura

12:00-14:00   Ross & Rhod on the Radio   Ross and Rhod

14:00-16:00   The Sarah Sleath Show   Sarah

16:00-18:00   The Laura Pirret Show Show   Laura

19:00-22:00   Dance Anthems with Jason and Woody   Jason and Woody


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